Serjeant Peter Ferguson

FERGUSON_PETERSerjeant Peter Ferguson was the eldest son of William and Isabella Ferguson. William was a gamekeeper and the family lived at Meiklewood. Peter was married to  Jessie and had 2 sons.

Peter died in 1917, aged 41.

He was remembered in the parish magazines as follows : ”

An even more recent bereavement than that of Colonel Stirling has befallen on of our homes through the death of Sergeant Peter Ferguson. And if one looks for the name of a brave soldier to stand alongside the name of the brave officer, one cannot find a worthier name than this Sergeant in the Rifles, who in boyhood was Colonel Stirling’s contemporary and neighbour. No private soldier of my acquaintance had in the earlier days of the War anything like such a clear, adequate idea of the magnitude of the struggle in which we were engaged: or of the imperative duty of every available man to put himself at the disposal of his country. Sergeant Ferguson insisted upon this, in season and out of season, and subsequent facts have shown him to be right. One may guess that it would have been no surprise to him to be told that he must seal his convictions with his blood. Assuredly, the knowledge would not have turned him by one hairsbreadth from his appointed path. Physically one of the strongest men, Sergeant Fraser had a moral courage and determination proportionate to hid frame. May comfort to the wife and two boys who are comparative strangers to us; as well as to the sorrowing parents whom we all know and esteem.”