Scottish Concert – March 12th 1914

MARCH 12th 1914.


In the public school on Friday evening an excellent Scottish concert was given by the Gargunnock Glee Party under the leadership of ex-Bailie Macintosh. Mr. Charles Younger, Gartur, presided over a good attendance. The concert was in aid of the scheme for the lighting of the village, and the result was that a sum of £5 was handed over to the secretary of the committee for that purpose. The following was the programme :-

Part 1.- Instrumental March; glee, “Scots Wha Ha’e”; solo, “Rothesay Boy”;

Miss. Corrigall; glee, “The Lea Rig”; solo, “Draw the Sword Scotland Mr.. Macintosh; glee, “Scotland Yet”; double quartet, “The Bonnie Lass 0′ Ballochmyle”; glee, “Thou Bonnie Wood 0′ Craigielea”; recitation (selected), Miss. Molly McFarlane, solo, “Lochnagar” Miss. Johnston; glee, “Hail Smiling Morn”, solo, “The Auld Hoose”, Miss. R Davidson; Humorous glee, “Jingle Bells”.


Port 2.- Instrumental Selection (Scotch); glee, “The Star 0′ Rabbie Burns”;

solo (selected) Miss. McNaughton; glee, “Jock 0′ Hazeldean”;

Humorous recitation, “The Farmers Blunder”, Miss. Fields; solo

“Sound the Pibroch”, Mr. McQueen; glee, “The Piper 0′ Dundee”;

Recitation (selected), Miss Molly McFarlane and Master Willie Craik;

solo, “Scotland”, Miss. Johnston; double quartet, “Ye Banks and

Braes”; Scottish Fantasia (vocal).


The names of those who took part in the double quartets were Miss. McNaughton and Miss. R Davidson,soprano; Miss. Corrigall and Miss. Janet McGregor, alto; Mr. Sam Caig and Mr. John Travis, tenor; Mr. W McQueen and Mr. R Ferguson, bass; At the conclusion of the concert the chairman made a few remarks, expressing satisfaction that such a large number had turned up to hear the concert, which was a capital performance,and threw out a suggestion that a concert on similar lines should become an annual institution in the village. It was a good idea to have a concert with local talent. In proposing a vote of thanks to the chairman for presiding, Rev. Mr. Stevenson remarked that it was the first opportunity they had had of welcoming Mr. and Mrs. Younger to the district. He also proposed a vote of thanks to Miss. Lennox for presiding at the piano. The chairman conveyed the thanks of the meeting to ex-Bailie Macintosh and the Glee Party.