Mr Sinclair & Mr Lockhart – Gargunnock Free Church School – August 30th 1861


AUGUST 30th 1861

Mr. Sinclair,who has been for several years teacher of the Free Church School here, being about to leave us, was a few days ago waited on by three of his pupils, viz. John Fisher, David Campbell, and William Watson, and after a suitable address being read by John Fisher, expressive of their deep regret at his leaving them, and of their warmest wishes for his happiness, was, in the name of his scholars, presented with a handsome writing desk, as a mark of their respect and esteem for him as a diligent and efficient teacher and Christian hearted man. It may be added that Mr. Sinclair is much respected here, and will carry with him the good wishes of the people of Gargunnock.

We have just been favoured with a visit from Mr. Lockhart, who is a capital teacher of dancing. His school was pretty well attended, considering the time of year, and his manner of teaching has given great satisfaction. The concluding ball took place last Friday evening, and besides his scholars was well attended by a number of our ” braw lads and bonnie lassies “, who gaily ” tripped it on the light fantastic toe “, until long after the witching time of night. As we don’t now-a-days see witches and warlocks in a dance, so we have begun to dance ourselves, and it is well that the sin of witchcraft has given way to the harmless amusement of the dancing room. We hope that Mr. Lockhart will soon pay us another visit.