Local Men at the Front – September 24th 1914

SEPTEMBER 24th 1914.



There was read out in the Parish Church on Sunday a list of officers and men now engaged with His Majesty’s Forces. The list as read contained 12 names – four officers and eight privates or troopers- but is already subject to addition. The congregation were invited to keep these names specifically in view, when prayer was offered for the safety of our troops, and for the final victory of our armies. A weekly meeting of the women of the Parish has been held for some time for the purpose of organising work for the soldiers and sailors at the front. Large quantities of work have already been received and despatched- some to the Argylls and some to the Red Cross Committee, and

large parcel for the use of our sailors on the North Sea. Generous subscriptions have been received from all classes of the community, rich and poor, for the purchase of material for the making of the various garments.