Lighting the Lamps – March 3rd 1899


The inaugural ceremony of lighting the village with lamps came off on the evening of Wednesday. A large company assembled at the bottom of the village about 7.00pm in anticipation of the event. A platform had previously been erected beside the lamppost of convenient height for getting at the lamp, and reached by an easy flight of steps. Colonel and Miss Stirling drove up prompt at the appointed time, and shortly after the Rev. M. Stevenson put in an appearance. They , together with Mr.Robert McLaren, chairman of the Lighting Committee, ascended the platform, and Mr. Stevenson at once opened the proceedings with a short and appropriate address, towards the close of which he moved a hearty vote of thanks to Colonel Stirling and those associated with him in getting up the concert which provided the funds for erecting the lamps and also to the young ladies and gentlemen who took part on that occasion. Mr. McLaren then in a few well-chosen words called on Miss Stirling to light the first lamp, which she did amid the cheers of the assembled multitude and the blowing of the village old horn and the beating of the village old drum—relics of a bygone age. Mr McLaren then presented Miss Stirling with a gold bangle, with suitable inscription, commemorative of the event, and warmly thanked her for her services. Colonel Stirling, in reply said that his daughter was not only pleased to be there that evening, but was proud to be asked to perform such an important ceremony Referring to the share he had in getting up the concert, the Colonel said that anything he did on this occasion he did with the greatest pleasure, and he would always be pleased to do any little he could for the benefit of the village.


From a newspaper article