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Some time ago we were fortunate to receive a compilation of articles pertaining to Gargunnock,transcribed from sources such as The Stirling Observer,  they give an insight into the village in days gone by. Click on the title to view the article.

1679 – Covenanters

April 6th 1779 – Lands to be Sold

October 14th 1783 – Killed by a Deer

April 27th 1784 – Lands in Stirlingshire

November 14th 1786 – Rev Mr William Martin

November 16th 1797 – Lord Duncan of Camperdown

April 19th 1821 – An Illicit Still

1828 – Pudding Recipe

December 4th 1829 – The Origin of the Gargunnock Drum

November 25th 1830 – Murder

1860 – Letter to the Editor of the Stirling Journal and Advertiser

July 1860 – Letter to the Editor of the Stirling Journal and Advertiser

March 22nd 1861 – Gargunnock Parish School

August 30th 1861 – Mr Sinclair & Mr Lockhart – Gargunnock Free Church School

November 18th 1864  Mutual Improvement Society

March 24th 1865 – An Englishman’s Home is his Castle

March 4th 1865 – Cottage to Let

September 1st 1865 – Gargunnock Agriculture

September 7th 1869 – Meiklewood

June 17th 1870 – Annual Fair


March 3rd 1899 – Lighting the Lamps

August 11th 1899 – Fire at Gargunnock Distillery

August 23rd 1901 – Honours for Mr Charles Kay’s Pansies

March 20th 1913 – Fire Hose

October 30th 1913 – Glee Club

March 12th 1914 – Scottish Concert

September 24th 1914 – Local Men at the Front

Autumn 1988 – Traditions by Rev W Turner

Notes on Leckie Estate


Gargunnock Parish Magazines were published from the late 1880s. They contain primarily information relating to church matters but as such also contain information such as births, marriages and deaths. There is an index to the magazines on John McLaren’s village history site which will be a great aid to those looking for information regarding specific people who lived in the village. On this site we have a (growing) transcript of the magazines for more general information.

John McLaren, who was born in the village, has compiled a large amount of historical information much of which can be found on his website .

Other sites worth visiting for information on the history of Gargunnock are :-