Gargunnock Agriculture – September 1st 1865

Gargunnock Agriculture

September 1st 1865

Nearly three weeks have elapsed since harvest operations were commenced in this locality, but during the first two weeks,owing to the very backward state of the weather, little or nothing could be got done, but last week, with the exception of Tuesday,was all that could be desired by the most fastidious farmer, and the cutting down of the crops has been very vigorously prosecuted and in some instances completed, whilst in all it is in a fair state of advancement. The “song of the reaper” has completely given way to the birr of the reaping machine in this neighbourhood, every farmer having one now in his possession, and they do work expeditiously and well. We paid particular attention to the working of one of Lindsay

& Co’s reaping machines, belonging to Mr.Murdoch, Fleuchams. The machine was admirably worked, and laid down about 8 acres a day on average, and the work was exceedingly neatly executed. The crops here are considered good with the exception of oats, which in some instances are rather a short crop and light of straw; but upon the whole we consider that the farmers here, so far as crops are concerned, have very little cause of complaint this year.