Flower Show

FLower Show Flag

On the last Saturday in August our village celebrates the harvest with our Flower Show.

In a talk to Gargunnock’s WRI Miss McFeat wrote

“No record of the village would be complete without mention of Gargunnock Flower Show. The flower show was held annually in the Public School on the last Saturday in August. In may well be named an invisible land mark. It was the “Red Letter” day of the whole year and people came from far and near to visit the Show. Nearly every resident in the village exhibited flowers, vehetables, fruit etc and baking – the exhibits being of a very high standard. A brass band was in attendance and a platform was provided for dancing.

A very jolly time was enjoyed by young and old.

Over 60 years ago Mr Charles Katy, farmer, in Mill Farm was famous all over Scotland for growing pansies. He was known as the Pansy King and the bridge across the burn into his pansy field is still known as the pansy bridge.

Pansy growing proved a very profitable hobby as he created several new varieties naming them after friends and local people.

In 1914 war brought the Flower Show to an end.

A Public Interests committee lately formed in the village is valiantly tryoing to keep the gardening spirit alive by instituting a competition for the best kept gardens at the council houses.”