An Illicit Still – 19th April 1821

An Illicit Still

19th April 1821

On the morning of Saturday, the 14th curt, Mr Shiels, supervisor of excise, accompanied by Messrs. Adair, McCanish, Robertson and Burns went in search of an illicit distillery, which had been lately begun on the farm of Spittaltown, parish of Gargunnock, possessed by John Hardie. They were successful in finding out the work, at which they surprised two men. With laudable care they spent some time in running off the charge of the still, and after destroying the apparatus, they brought away 16 gallons of whisky, together with a pony which they found in the hovel. The smugglers attempted, by setting up a shout from two different places of an adjoining planting, to excite the fear of the excise officers, but to no purpose. The seizure was conveyed to the house of J Maculloch, vintner in Kippen.